Monday, 14 June 2010

draft and developed crysis war

Feedback Sheet
Draft and Developed

Material used for dinning table
The Meeting Place

"Women have a greater achievement in get used to sexism by the concept of we always ran into boundaries before we were able to discover our own personal boundaries" The boundary is setting by the water and support by the natural, connect to the natural representing "Recently women become a pragmatism, social liberalism and commitment to fighting climate change".

The elevator the tool that connect Helen Keller and Angela Merkel.
Material use for the bridge
The bridge is the path connect between Helen Keller and Angela Merkel, the path that communicating each other, they both speading the message of the sexual equality by their power.


Material used for AM's office
Angela Merkel's Office
Being a politician, Angela Merkel has a great ambitious and confident, the staircase form like architecture representing her ambition to the top and her increasing of confident to the global. And the form is also showing her personality and priorities present to the earth, and standing at the top of the architecture is like she is standing on the stage to the citizen, for the citizen and by the citizen, representing the whole German to the global.

Material used for HK's office
Helen Keller's Office
For blind and deaf of Helen Keller's point of view, feeling and smelling is very important to her, the form is designed to represent patient and persevering and independent, and good ventilation is very important for letting her feel the earth, the air and the smell.


Environment and the whole view of architecture
choosing the America Monument Valley

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